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Grazing Grass

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    Introducing our Grazing Grass, A fantastic quality, long stemmed grass that is perfect for adding to your small ones diet! This grass is a great, cost effective way of adding extra fibre to forage or feed. Grown and dried in the heart of Lincolnshire, this premium product has a beautiful green colour & fresh smell that your Bunnies or Piggies are sure to love!


    Starting from as low as £1.99 per kg! Grazing Grass is available in bulk 5kg & 10kg options. Please note 10kg will be sent in 2 x 5kg Paper sacks.

    Key Features


    • 100% Natural
    • Grown & dried in Lincolnshire
    • Dust Extracted to ensure a top quality, clean product
    • Fantastic source of dietary fibre
    • Suitable for most small animals


    This Product is suitable for:


    Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Degus, Chinchillas and most other small animals & Rodents

    100% English Grass

    All of our Botanicals are naturally sourced with no additives & no chemicals, making them perfectly safe for all animals

    Which Hay should I feed my Rabbit or Guinea Pig?

    • Every animal is different, they all like the taste and texture of different food items, and hay is no different! As a rule, we always suggest giving Canadian Timothy Hay to your rabbit as this contains long, tough stems that are great for wearing down teeth and keeping your bunny occupied. We then have our English Timothy Hay, which is a great blend of tough & soft stems, making it ideal for younger or fussier rabbits & Guinea Pigs. Our Meadow Hay is a great everyday hay for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs of all ages, this hay is Soft and green with an incredible sweet smell making it very palatable!


    How much hay should I be feeding my Bunny?

    • Rabbits need at least one large bundle of hay that's as big as they are every day! We always recommend that your bunny has access to fresh hay 24/7 as they will generally only eat what they need, and as always make sure they have access to fresh, clean water.


    How much natural forage should I feed?

    • If you ask your bunnies, they will say there is no such thing as too much forage! For the most part they are correct, you can feed your bunnies as much natural forage as they will eat, we recommend mixing handfuls in with their hay as well as giving handfuls throughout the day. There are certain scenarios where you should limit forage, for example if your rabbit is overweight you should limit forage that is high in protein & sugars.


    How do I start feeding natural forage?

    • We recommend when introducing new forage that you always trial it to make sure your small pet eats it & doesn't react negatively to it (diarrhoea or other digestive issues). It's very rare that rabbits react negatively to forage, but it's always best to be safe!


    When will I get my order?

    • We aim to dispatch all orders within 1-2 working days, all orders are sent via next day delivery with either Royal Mail, FedEx UK, or DPD, this will be stated in your order details once it has been dispatched. You should receive your order in around 2-3 working days.