What are the best enrichment toys for rabbits?

Rabbits are naturally curious and active animals, so enrichment toys provide them with mental stimulation and physical activity that mimic their natural behaviours in the wild. There are many great enrichment toys available for rabbits to keep them mentally stimulated and physically active. Here are some popular options:

  1. Cardboard Boxes and Tubes: Rabbits adore cardboard boxes and tubes for many reasons. Not only are they great for chewing, which helps keep their teeth healthy, but they also offer rabbits endless opportunities for exploration and relaxation. Whether darting through tunnels, lounging in cosy corners, or enjoying the thrill of a makeshift obstacle course, cardboard provides a versatile and stimulating environment for rabbits. Its simplicity and adaptability make it a favourite among rabbits, serving as both a source of entertainment and environmental enrichment, essential for their well-being and happiness. Just make sure they are free from any adhesives or harmful substances. Did you know our Botanical Hay Box comes in a 100% plastic free box, not only is it filled with tasty forage but the box makes a perfect toy!

  2. Hay-based Toys: Rabbits love hay-based toys for many reasons. These toys provide both entertainment and essential fibre for their digestion. Whether it's hay cubes, balls, or mats, they satisfy rabbits' natural chewing instincts while encouraging foraging behaviours. With their irresistible scent and texture, hay-based toys turn playtime into a flavourful adventure, promoting both physical activity and mental stimulation.

  3. Tunnels: Tunnels are a rabbit's ticket to adventure and exercise, catering to their natural love for movement and exploration. Whether made from cardboard, plastic, or fabric, these tunnels offer not just physical activity but also mental engagement as rabbits dart, hop, and navigate through them. The diverse textures and shapes keep rabbits occupied and entertained, providing a sense of security similar to wild burrows. This enrichment not only keeps rabbits happy and active but also supports their overall well-being.

  4. Chew Toys: Rabbits have a natural need to chew to maintain their dental health, making safe chew toys essential for their well-being. Opting for materials such as untreated wood, seagrass, or vine balls provides rabbits with stimulating and satisfying options to indulge this instinctual behaviour. These chew toys not only promote healthy teeth but also engage rabbits mentally and physically. By offering a variety of textures and shapes, such as Willow Balls or woven Carrot toys, you can keep your bunny happy while keeping their teeth in top condition.

  5. Puzzle Feeders: Puzzle feeders and treat balls turn mealtime into a exciting journey for rabbits. These fun toys dispense treats as rabbits interact with them, stimulating their minds and encouraging natural foraging behaviours. Through nudging, rolling, and problem-solving, rabbits engage in activities reminiscent of wild foraging, keeping them mentally sharp while also providing physical activity. The rewarding experience of receiving treats or pellets further motivates rabbits to stay engaged, promoting both their physical and mental well-being.

  6. Digging Boxes: Create a cosy burrowing spot for your rabbit by filling a shallow box with safe, dust-free substrate like shredded paper or hay. This setup satisfies their natural urge to dig and provides a stimulating activity, reminiscent of their wild habitat. Not only does it offer a sense of security and comfort, but it also promotes physical and mental well-being.

  7. Wooden Platforms: Rabbits love wooden platforms for both play and practicality. These elevated structures provide them with opportunities to explore vertical space while offering a sense of security and observation. Additionally, wooden platforms serve as versatile spaces for relaxation, grooming, and social interaction,

  8. Toys with Bells or Rattles: Rabbits adore toys that engage their senses, especially those with bells or rattles. These toys offer delightful auditory stimulation, captivating rabbits' attention and encouraging playful exploration. The gentle jingle or soft rattle of these toys sparks curiosity and promotes cognitive development as rabbits engage in stimulating activities. Incorporating such toys enriches their sensory experience, contributing to their overall happiness and well-being.

To keep your rabbit entertained and boredom at bay, make sure to rotate their toys regularly. This keeps their environment fresh and exciting, stimulating their curiosity and preventing monotony. Whenever introducing new toys, remember to supervise your rabbit to ensure their safety and well-being. Keep a close eye for any signs of chewing or damage, promptly replacing toys as needed to maintain a safe play environment.